Apart from regular purchases from close and distant neighbourhood our customers delivered our products to many European states, to North America and even Asia.

Scones were repeatedly tasted by both our presidents reigning after revolution, Václav Havel and Václav Klaus, highest representatives of our Roman Catholic church, cardinals František Tomášek and Miloslav Vlk.

As a great honour to our bakery we consider a moment when our scones were presented on feast table to pope John Paul II.

Our products are also lately being sought by representatives from business and artistic groups. European parliament members were treated with them on their summit in Luhačovice.

We will satisfy anyone who likes our pastry. Unfortunately the baking capacity is not unlimited and requests are concentrated mainly in the end of the week; last moment requests could sometimes not be satisfied with the best will in the world. We try to distribute our baking capacities to limit the number of rejected customers to minimum.

In February 2009 we have opened a new bakery with address Vlčnov, Na Rybníčku 860 and all our activities have been transferred there starting from May 2009; you will found us at the bakery at distillery.

We have never supplied our pastry to distribution network and if you have encountered some “Vlčnov scones” in the store or sweet shop, they were definitely not one of ours. So far we have been operating only per order.