Scones are being baked in Vlčnov for ages. Ladies of the house baked them at home and the recipe passed from one generation to the other.

Areas in 1st floor of Vlčnov distillery were used in 1980’s by public for baking of larger quantities of scones. PBaking for weddings and other family celebrations, for Ride of the Kings, for feasts or funerals took place here.

Baking was organized by families themselves; i.e. ladies of the families gathered under supervision and leadership of the most experienced “scone baker” in Vlčnov Mrs. Růžena Kuželová and baked the scones in required quality and number.

Distillery premises were restituted in 1990 and daughter of original owners, Mrs. Božena Josefíková, who worked in baking industry from early 70’s, decided to change the organization of baking by gathering a group of friends and baking scones, poppy seed scones and walnut scones with their help to order. Baking became more effective because training of new personnel every time was not necessary any more. Quality of the products increased and stabilized and in a short time our scones, poppy seed scones and walnut scones found their way to regular customers.

When reaching 70, Mrs. Božena Josefíková brought her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Svatava Josefíková to the bakery, passing the secret of baking of traditional Vlčnov pastry on to her and after next 3 years, when her health became worse, also the administration of the bakery.

Today this is a company renowned for the quality of its products in wide neighbourhood. Quality is guaranteed by recipe used, by using of the best quality natural products, mostly hand made dough making and sticking with proven procedures.